Food & Drink 101 – Drinks in a Wagon

This begins a new segment on our Blog which, incidentally, we are renaming The Daily Cupboard. The Daily Cup segment will continue to offer thoughts on different perspectives to approach each day. Food & Drink 101 will be dedicated to food and beverage service tips, picnic ideas, party themes and just about any occasion when friends and family gather around food.

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Today, two practical ways to serve beverages.

1- Indoors: Containers help keep things organized. If you set up a self-help beverage bar, one way to do this with a touch of style is to use an old drawer. You can find one at yard sales, perhaps by taking apart a bureau, which in itself can lead to a creative recycling project.

Keep the drawer as is, if you find it pleasant to look at, or enlist the kids to make it colorful. To serve beverages, place the drawer on a large counter top or kitchen isle. Filled various buckets with ice and place them inside the drawer. Add an assortment of beverages within each container.

2- Outdoors: Add a rustic touch by carrying beverages out to your picnic or BBQ area in a child’s wagon. This can hold two or three sturdy buckets, filled with ice and beverages. Older kids who are strong enough will love being of service by replenishing the wagon and pulling it into place throughout your gathering.

Don’t forget to honor Vermont Beers and Wines at your summer parties!

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