The Daily Cup – Food & Kindness

deli - 0708

Many towns have a food shelf box. Food is kindness when we feed the hungry, but isn’t it kindness, also, in all the ways it is served? The key word with food is, “service.” In restaurants, food is brought to the table. In delis, a person behind a counter has chosen this line of work for the moment, and serves food. Every time his or her hand is extended to place a sandwich, a slice of pizza, a doughnut, a salad and so on in someone else’s hand, this is an act of service and, as such, it is an act of kindness. Receiving food, in this sense, is an act of vulnerability. We get food when we are hungry. It is also an act of trust. We get it from places that have earned this trust. Food puts an interesting set of human relations dynamics on the table, doesn’t it? There is no specific thing to do with today’s Daily Cup. No specific “task” to accomplish. We’re just chewing on these thoughts. Something to think about over dinner perhaps.

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