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Once in a while, we have family over for dinner for an occasion we feel worthy of our finest dishes and behavior. When gathering with friends, the atmosphere is usually more casual and when eating with immediate family, with a spouse or partner, or by ourselves, it is yet more relaxed, outside of those times when there is cause for celebration. This week, dress up the table out of the blue. This does not have to be anything extravagant. You can get colorful party napkins, make easy appetizers (sliced wrap sandwiches for example), add a cherry to beverages, adorn the table with a variety of salads in colorful bowls… in a word, make it noticeably festive for no reason at all. Let’s just say that you are celebrating your hard work and perseverance and all the ways in which you make a darn decent life for yourself just by virtue of your daily choices. Last but not least, place a bouquet of flowers on the table. Ho! There is one more thing: be sure to make a toast.

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