The Daily Cup – The 20-Minute Dream

deli - 0515

You do not need to live in the big city to know what “morning rush” means, and the morning rush begins before you even embark on your commute to work, doesn’t it? We work hard and we’re tired. Getting going in the morning is not easy, unless of course there is something exciting for us to look forward to. Tomorrow morning, set your clock to wake up at least 20 minutes earlier than usual. When you awake, sit up in bed and spend those 20 minutes revisiting some detail you remember from your dreams. If you do not remember your dreams, bring to mind bits and pieces you can recall from other recent ones. That’s it. You have just tweaked your internal rhythm to a more peaceful beat by not jumping in the day thinking about the actual tasks and obligations that await. Try this several days in a row, just for fun.

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