The Daily Cup – A New Picture

deli - 0513

Do you have a few food magazines on hand? If you don’t, buy one or two today. Also get at least one magazine about a totally unrelated topic or use one you already have at home. As long as one is about food. If you can, skip some of your usual evening routine and spend at least 30 minutes leafing through the magazines you have selected and cutting out pictures that appeal to you. After you have assembled several pictures, arrange them on the surface of a desk or table. Step back and look at your creation. Does it tell a story? What comes to mind? Rearrange the pictures; rearrange the story. Save these images in an envelope for future use… or start over with new pictures next time. Why must one magazine be about food? Because food awakens the senses, which is a great little trick to steer your mind away from its daily concerns… without gaining an once!

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