The Daily Cup – The Day of You!

deli - 0520

Don’t wait for a birthday or a national holiday. Make up your own reason to celebrate. Pick a day, any day. If it’s one when you’re off, fine, but it’s even better if you pick a work day. You will call this day “The day of me.” On this day, get flowers for your work space, eat what you want, get ice cream at lunch time, stop by your favorite gift shop or book store. Get a little something, a small reward, a token to remember this day by; a gift to remind yourself that you deserve good things. It’s just a symbolic gesture, but the ramifications are significant. If anything, giving yourself permission to indulge a little, out of the blue, symbolizes to your self-restricting voice (we all have one) that you believe you are a free spirit. And making a small detour to get something for yourself will break with routine, just like that, in the middle of the week. This can be quite refreshing.

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