The Daily Cup – You Like That Too?!

deli - 0626

Are there activities you’d like to do with friends but never get around to it? Or you just assume they might not be interested, so you never ask? Plan a picnic or dinner with your best buddies and give them an assignment before they show up. Ask them to each list two activities they’d like to share with others on two separate slips of paper. You do the same. When you gather at dinner or the picnic, place all slips in a bowl and each draw one. It does not matter if you draw your own. Take turns reading off the activities on each slip. Vote on 1 or 2 slips to set aside for discussion. Let the planning begin! You may find that half the group ends up sharing an interest in one activity while others feel inspired by another. That’s OK. You could always just start a conversation without the paper slips game, but having a process actually promotes creative thinking. Savor the moment.

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