The Daily Cup – Ups & Downs but Mostly Ups

deli - 0618

When it’s not the rain, it’s something else. The keys left in the locked car; one of the kids is having a tantrum, again; a co-worker with an attitude; a boss with an attitude; oops! the dog had an accident… you get the picture. Life is full of twists and turns. Try this for one month: At the end of each day, or at dinner time, tell someone in your house (call someone if you live alone) at least three things that went well that day. It can be anything. Maybe a bird landed on your car and it made you smile, or the cafeteria at work had your favorite lunch, or your back did not hurt one bit today. Make sure to invite the other person to tell you about good things that happened to them during the day. After doing this for several weeks, see if the little things bother you as much… Little things? What little things?!

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