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We want to know what is going on in the world, near and far. Being informed helps us decide how to act and how we feel about the days ahead. It helps us plan for the future and avoid unsafe situations. So we watch the news and read the papers. In addition to this, the news fills us in so that we can have constructive conversations with others on the topics that matter at the time. One day a week, for a while, cut down on your news exposure. Pick up the paper anyway, but read it later. You will not miss out too much; news tends to be redundant. But watch how it changes how you feel. Here is a trick to make this more appealing: when you would normally be reading or watching the news, make it a point to sit down with a comforting snack and beverage and select something of an entirely different nature to read first, before you get to the news. See if you can create a new, uplifting ritual, just one day a week. In other words, cut the time you would normally spend reading or viewing the news by half and spend some of it immersed in something different. It could be as simple as just sitting with your coffee and truly savoring it.

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