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Ha! This is not what you think. While it is a good thing to tell a loved one you had a long day filled with thoughts of reuniting for dinner, this Daily Cup is about sharing your day, with a twist. We invite you to play a dinner-time game. By the way, it’s even more fun if you make it a slightly festive or different dinner. It could be pizza night, or if you have children perhaps you can let them pick sandwiches, or play this game while sharing a creamee after dinner. Here’s how to play: You’re going to talk about your day, but first randomly select one letter of the alphabet that cannot be in any of the words you use to describe an event that took place today. As an alternative, you can draw from a pouch filled with Scrabble letters. Each person takes a turn and a different letter is chosen for each one. If you want to get creative and substitute funny words to avoid the chosen letter, go for it. This requires some thinking. For school-age children it offers great spelling practice while being totally relaxed, even silly. As they get better at this, they can actually develop more confidence in their use of language in general, and a new appreciation for it. Have fun!

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