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deli - 0527

Was it four days of persistent rain that we just had? The weather is doing funny things no matter where you live and it is sure to make the headlines. Add to the that numerous, unkind acts performed by some people, and it is easy to see that filling the front page of the newspaper or half the television news broadcast with scores of not exactly uplifting news is probably rather easy. The next time you get the paper or turn on the news, put all your attention on the small headlines that speak volumes of good. It could be as simple as a local high-school team winning a tournament. You might not necessarily pay attention to this if you do not have children, but next time find this bit of news about something great and explore it further. Really dive into it. For instance, using the example above, try to find who coaches the team, what are their values and background, what else they do in your community. When you think about it, bad news makes us feel small in a big scary world; news that connects us to others empowers us to face it all.

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