The Daily Cup – Don’t Let It Bug You

deli - 0430


This time of year, six and eight-legged creatures that hide in house plants and corners to stay warm for the winter awaken and come out in search of food, water and freedom. Let’s face it, we do not want bugs in our house; we are bigger and stronger, therefore we win, hands down! The bugs that hide in the house are not typically the ones that destroy forests we hear about on the news. Today, if you see a bug in your house or office, get a drinking glass and a thin piece of cardboard (membership cards from magazines work best). Capture the little guy in the glass. Slide the card onto the opening and escort it outside. In fact, do this often enough and over time you may notice that your dislike for insects has vanished. This does not mean you will invite them in, but at least they won’t seem like monsters anymore. (Image from Walt Disney’s A Bug’s Life).

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