The Daily Cup – I’ll Have What She’s Having

deli - 0702

We all have our favorite spots where we eat and hang out with friends. We all have favorite go-to foods, the tastes and aromas that just mix perfectly with the spirit of the gang. This is our traditional food when Friday night comes, or the weekend, or the 4th of July. Here is what we suggest, just for fun. This week, if you plan on dining with friends, each order your food as you normally would. Get what you like. If you are ordering at a deli counter, you’ll want to keep each order separate for this exercise. Then, when the food arrives or when you get to your party venue with it, randomly switch plates or bags with someone else in the group. Even if you get something you’re already familiar with, this simple switching game has a significant impact. It creates a situation where you must make do with sudden change, but it also throws you a curve. We usually resist change. In this situation, since you are among friends, and you probably share similar tastes, change becomes an easy challenge to face, and enjoyable too. You never know, it could make you feel uncommonly daring the next time you face a real, sudden change of plans.

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The Daily Cup – Travel Home

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Jeffersonville, Vermont, May 2013


Did you know that the process of planning leisure time actually lowers stress, even days before you actually enjoy the time off? Plan your weekend… differently. We often go out-of-town to get away from it all at the end of a long work week. There is probably a gift shop, gallery or establishment offering activities or tours right in your community that you have not visited in a long time. Plan a visit. Then, plan a family meal with a twist: everyone must try at least one dish or food they have never eaten before. Ho! And if you do visit a local gift shop this coming weekend, buy a little something to remind you of your simple, delightful weekend near home.

Photograph courtesy of Silvio, at Ornament Studio

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