About Us

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Aleta and Win Decker acquired The Cupboard Deli, then called “Jana’s Cupboard,” in 1998.

One of the first steps in developing their own vision for the Cupboard was to expand the sandwich selection. The wraps were introduced at this time and were an immediate hit. “To date, we have made at least 60 different types of wraps,” observes Aleta, “and we have 20 to 25 different ones available at all times.”

Pizzas were added to the menu in 2000. The Ice Cream Shoppe was next, in 2008. As with the wraps, and as you might imagine, folks who stop by The Cupboard Deli have a sweet spot for the Ice Cream Shoppe.

The setting is ideal, at the junction of Smugglers Notch, Jeffersonville and Cambridge, a road that is central to commuters, commerce and travelers.

The extensive selection of wraps, sandwiches, grinders, salads and pizzas, and the abundant choice of muffins, pastries, donuts, cookies and bars, satisfy any hungry traveler, passer-by and sweet-tooth as well. The Cupboard Deli also offers an extensive selection of beers and wines, including some produced right here in Vermont.

Those who stop here for the first time remember the carefully stacked wraps, like a giant, irresistible, colorful, edible Jenga game. Everyone feasts on the sweet treasures that await in the generously filled pastry case and there is a coffee flavor for every taste and mood.

Your Hosts –

Dean Decker – The shopkeeper with the sharp, but always respectful repartee.

Ashley Locke – Deli Leader, with the assistance of Denise McNall and Aleta Decker (owner).

Corey McNeill and Denise McNall – Our Bakers extraordinaires.

Win Decker – Owner. Win keeps the coolers stocked and supplied with the newest brews for your enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting The Cupboard Deli